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    Upgrade your Bitcoin Security

Coinjail Features

Dividing two P2SH bitcoin address keys


We only use P2SH addresses which require two private keys to make transactions. You get one key and we keep the other.

Confirming bitcoin transaction with two private key signatures


We verify your transaction requests to ensure only you can spend your bitcoins. We run multiple verifications behind the scenes and only sign our private key if everything passes.

Coinjail API set


We provide a simple set of REST API's that any developer can use to build a full-featured and secure wallet application.


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Coinjail Clients

  • Smartphone of Wallet Developer

Wallet Developers

Coinjail's two-key addresses offer added security to your users' bitcoins right out of the box. If Coinjail spots an irregular transaction request, the account owner will be notified for approval. As the developer, you can specify which from a number of verification methods you want to use, including email, text, phone call, or a specialized authentication software. Coinjail API's come with flexible account management for users and their accounts. We're offering platform-independent API's to begin with and will extend to platform-specific SDK's in the future.


If Merchants get a payment request from a Coinjail-backed wallet, they can subscribe to Coinjail via web hooks and receive a safe confirmation that the transaction was valid as soon as it hits our servers, without having to wait for the Bitcoin network to confirm (~ every 10 minutes). Coinjail offers detailed insight into each stage of the transaction and provides notifications when each stage is complete. This is useful for merchants but can also be used for any peer-to-peer transactions.

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